This policy avoids the pitfalls we see in many policies on the market. Here are the highlights: No medical questionnaire; NO "Post-Claim" clause allowing the insurer the unilateral right to terminate the policy if the claimant does not return to his/her home country; NO claim waiting period if the policy is purchased prior to arrival in Canada. Many other policies typically contain a 48 hour + waiting period if purchased prior to arrival in Canada. NO duration cap to travel to other countries as long as majority of time is spent in Canada. No requirement to notify insurer if a medical change occurs between the purchase and arrival to Canada. NO dollar cap on emergency air transportation. This policy pays up to the maximum of the policy value.


  1. Coverage for stable pre-existing conditions for ages 79 and under
  2. NO Medical Questionnaire Required
  3. NO “Post-Claim Clause”. This policy will not be Cancelled by Insurer if claimant doesn’t return to Home Country
  4. NO Claim Waiting Period if Policy Purchased Prior To Arrival in Canada
  5. Side Trips Covered If Majority of Time Spent in Canada
  6. NO Requirement to Notify Insurer if a Medical Change occurs Between Purchase and Arrival in Canada;
  7. Minimal exclusions for high risks and sports activities
  8. Liberal definition of stability and medical treatment interpretation
  9. No Dollar cap on emergency Air transportation, Policy pays up to Policy maximum value
  10. No mandatory arbitration clause where disputes are contract barred from seeking resolution in the courts

Note some policies have the “Mandatory Arbitration” clause where the arbitrator’s decision is final and no party may appeal the decision to any court

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