Term Life

Term Insurance is used to protect:

  • A Mortgage:
  • Dependent Care:
  • Income Replacement, etc.:

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A word about "Preferred" rate pricing:

Just as people pay different rates for auto insurance based on their risk factors and driving records, now virtually all life insurance companies have evolved to grant lower insurance premiums to what insurers consider to be healthier insureds. Those applicants in the lower risk category will typically be offered Preferred rates at 25%-40% off the standard risk rates.

How can we maximize your chances of qualifying for a Preferred rate?

The criteria used by insurers to evaluate those risks levels can vary radically from one insurer to another for blood pressure, cholesterol, family history and a multitude of additional factors.

We take pride in knowing these intricacies. Having meticulously researched our client's medical history and other factors, we match them with the insurer offering the most liberal criteria thereby maximizing the opportunity for the lowest rate.

What else do we do to maximize results?

Simultaneous ApplicationsWe will submit your application for insurance to 2 insurers simultaneously in a head to head competition for your business. All is above board with both insurers well aware that our clients are looking for the best offer.

We find this method particularly useful involving complex cases re: medical history, travel or other factors where the underwriter's opinions could vary widely from one insurer to the next.

Do you know the true cost of paying monthly premiums instead of annually?

If you answer around 8%, that's what most consumers would say but that's way off.

The effective interest rate for monthly financing is typically about 15%.

*Does NOT apply to most Universal Life policies.

If you've never been provided with this important financial information before from your current advisors or insurers, does it make you wonder what else you could be missing?

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