Hard to Insure Term Life

Term Insurance is used to protect:

  • A Mortgage:
  • Dependent Care:
  • Income Replacement, etc.:

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A word about "Preferred" rate pricing:

Just as people pay different rates for auto insurance based on their risk factors and driving records, now virtually all life insurance companies have evolved to grant lower insurance premiums to what insurers consider to be healthier insureds. Those applicants in the lower risk category will typically be offered Preferred rates at 25%-40% off the standard risk rates.

Conversely applicants with pre-existing conditions will typically go through a gruelling elimination process involving months of tedious underwriting, doctor's APS, etc., which often results in a rating, or worse a decline.  Once declined by an insurer, your insurance options are severely reduced.  This is why we recommend applying for a Guaranteed Issue or Simplified Issue life insurance plan to optimize your chance of getting the highest face amount available.  For a few more dollars per month, the policy can be approved under 30 days.  No medical and a straightforward questionnaire.  Some of us at First Rate Insurance have personally purchased this plan.  That's how much we believe in our recommended products.

Having meticulously researched our client's medical history and other factors, we match them with the insurer offering the most liberal criteria thereby maximizing the opportunity for the lowest rate.

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