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Looking for a thought leader from First Rate Insurance to speak at your upcoming event? Look no further.
First Rate Insurance is always looking for opportunities to share innovative travel insurance advice with new audiences – especially significant for Snowbirds who require a higher level of product safety and certainty. That’s why our speaker program sends First Rate Insurance brokers to present at conferences, summits, workshops, and forums. If you’re hosting an upcoming event and think your guests would like to hear from someone at First Rate Insurance, simply submit a request to the right and we'll put on our thinking caps to see how we can help.
While we wish we could speak at every event in our inbox, we have to be very selective given the volume of requests we receive. Check out the FAQs below to get a better idea of how our speaker program works and if First Rate Insurance is a good fit for your next event.


If I submit a form, am I guaranteed to have a First Rate Insurance broker speak at my event?

  • First Rate Insurance brokers love taking on speaking engagements but we put their flexibility and time first and foremost. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough speakers to commit to every event so we won’t be able to guarantee a speaker for your event.

What event criteria would make my request a good fit for First Rate Insurance?

  • Legal and medical conferences/conventions;
  • Seniors organizations;
  • Retirement Association;
  • Community Groups;
  • Adult Lifestyle Associations;
  • Niche Travel Associations;
  • University Student/Teacher Associations;
  • Government/Corporate Retirees Group;

We ultimately decide that an event is a good fit if the opportunity is worth the investment. For example, if an engagement is out-of-Ontario, it will probably require more travel time and costs so we look to speak to larger audiences of about 250+ attendees. Typically, events with 100 attendees won’t be a great fit unless they take place in Ontario. We also consider the content of your event, the audience makeup, and the lead time.

Include topic, duration, and anything else that might be good to know!

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