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MORTGAGE INSURANCE offered by your bank may be convenient, but if you are in good health, an individual insurance plan can provide superior coverage and value over the term of your mortgage. We recommend guaranteed rates with a death benefit that does NOT reduce with your mortgage.

CBC Marketplace "In Denial": Bank Mortgage Insurance Claims Denied

Say No To bank mortgage Insurance, Enjoy A First Rate Plan With:

  • Much LOWER COST than Bank Mortgage Insurance
  • Fully guaranteed level premiums For 20 years
  • Level coverage that does NOT decrease
  • Fully portable plan (does NOT teminate when you refinance or sell your home)
  • TAX-FREE benefits paid directly to your named beneficiary(ies)
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Mortgage Insurance - YOU HAVE THE CHOICE!
By law, the Banks cannot insist that you purchase or maintain their mortgage insurance. If you already have their coverage, it can be cancelled at your option at any time. Don't worry, "cancellation WILL NOT adversely affect the other financial terms of your mortgage. Consider replacing Bank Mortgage Insurance with a "First Rate" Mortgage Protection Plan.

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Are rates competitive? NO YES
Is the coverage reducing? YES NO
Is insurance portable to new home at original rates? NO YES
On refinance, is coverage lost? YES NO
Is Provincial Sales Tax payable? YES NO
Must proceeds be used to pay-off mortgage? YES NO
With joint plan, can the survivor continue coverage? NO YES
With joint coverage, at which age is cost calculated? Older age Average age
With joint coverage, is death benefit double? NO YES
Do Non-Smokers receive a discount? NO YES
Are costs guaranteed for the mortgage term? NO YES
Are there female discounts? NO YES
Can amount of coverage be customized? NO YES
To what age can coverage be renewed? Age 70 Age 80-100
Must coverage be purchased at time of mortgage? YES NO
Does coverage terminate if mortgage is assigned? YES NO
Is medical underwriting required? YES NO
Can medical underwriting costs be charged to you? YES NO
Is coverage convertible to permanent insurance? NO YES
Can you customize the policy duration? NO YES

***Always consult an insurance expert before buying or replacing coverage.

**Refers to one of Canada's Five Big Banks at time of printing. E. & O. E.

WE ELIMINATE THE FINE PRINT. Let us help you compare policy costs and terms. Call Now for your customized NO-OBLIGATION quote! 1 (800) 884-2126 or Click Here to complete your Quote Request.

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