First Rate Insurance Inc. proudly supports the following charities and Not-For-Profit organizations:Tao-Program

Las Yahoskas is a group home program in San Marcos, Nicaragua.  Its mission is to provide a healthy environment for young girls, victims of domestic violence and/or child exploitation

Gloucester Recreation Development Organization delivers affordable skill building programs for children and youth between ages 4 to 14 who have not had the benefit of participating in community recreation activities within the City of Ottawa due to any number of barriers, which may include: financial, cultural, or social. We also create inclusive, accessible programming for children with special needs and language barriers. We provide mentorship and guidance in and outside of our programs to get children and youth on a healthy, safe, and productive path of personal success and community building.

Navan Animal Rescue Corporation’s (NARC) mission is to educate, inspire, and assist individuals and organizations of diverse cultures in treating animals with respect in order to achieve a peaceful, equitable and sustainable future with our companions/pets.

The objects of TAO Program (Tenacity-Attitude-Optimism) is to promote service to the community through subsidizing the participation of low-income families and youth at risk to encourage the learning of traditional Taekwon Do, including to grow inwardly and outwardly through character development.